Air Cadets have the opportunity to try a variety of exciting activities, make new friends and learn new skills.

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Tutor training aircraft

Vigilant motor glider

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All cadets have the chance to try a number of Air Experience Flights and Gliding Induction Courses. You'll learn about aerodynamics and how to control the aircraft, first in a classroom, then by taking control and practising what you've learned in the air.

Cadets over the age of 16 can enter the Gliding Scholarship scheme. They are trained to fly the Vigilant motor glider through a series of structured flying lessons, totalling 10 hours of flight time.

If you meet the standard, you'll have the chance to fly solo at the end of the course (some of our cadets fly solo before they are old enough to drive a car!)

Number 8 Rifle

The first rifle cadets get to fire is the No. 8 Rifle. This is a simple rifle that is ideal for teaching safe handling, weapon maintenance, and basic marksmanship principles.

L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle

Cadets can then learn how to operate the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle. This is part of the SA-80 family used by the British armed forces around the world. Cadets who wish to develop their shooting further can train on the L81A2 Target Rifle, or the L86A2 Light Support Weapon.

L98A2 training on squadron Firing the No 8 Rifle on an indoor range Firing the L98A2 at Strensall Ranges

This includes activities like mountain biking, climbing, archery, watersports and more. You will have the chance to meet people and make new friends, and to demonstrate your leadership ability. There is a wide range of activities on offer, with plenty of opportunities to get involved.

The Air Cadets are the UK's largest provider of the DofE Award. The scheme involves you taking part in volunteering, developing your skills and improving your physical fitness through sport or exercise. You'll also take part in an expedition, where you live independently for two or more days, carrying everything you'll need to survive including your food, shelter and warmth.

First Aid is a vital skill that can be useful in every situation, from when you're out on an expedition, to when you're shopping or travelling in everyday life.

We offer qualifications that are recognised by St John Ambulance and the British Heart Foundation. You'll learn how to perform effective CPR, how to put people safely in the recovery position, how to treat bleeding and shock, and much much more.

We offer two BTEC qualifications: Aviation Studies, and Public Services. They are nationally-recognised Level 2 qualifications (equivalent to GCSEs) awarded by CVQO, and they are provided for free!

The Aviation Studies BTEC includes airmanship, principles of flight, navigation, airframes, satellite communications, jet and piston propulsion and more. Subjects are taught in small groups by experienced instructors and assessed by short multiple-choice exams.

Our Public Services BTEC develops your skills in leadership, teamwork, communications, problem solving, and fitness. It includes a mix of theory and practical work (including adventure training activities), and the qualification you get is the same as four GCSEs at grade A*-C. You’ll come away with useful life skills too – like how to write a good CV, interviewing techniques, communication, first aid, adventure training, health and nutrition.

Cadets learn how to use short and long-distance radio equipment, including correct 'voice protocol' and the phonetic alphabet. If you are interested, you can work towards your Communicator Badge by learning how to construct aerials, how to make your own radio (using soldering and other electronics techniques) and learning more about the theory of radio signal transmission.

Parade and Drill skills are taught to all cadets, and are an important part of a military organization. Uniformed drill teaches pride, alertness and precision, and is an essential skill for those wanting to join the RAF.

Cadets are also expected to keep their uniform in good condition, and be proud of their appearance by looking smart at all times. An RAF uniform is issued to all cadets free of charge.